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The Central Village is the focal point and community centre for The Boardwalk, and comprises two mirrored three strorey buildings straddling the border of Kitchener and Waterloo. Main floor retail is complemented by offices on 2nd and 3rd floors, and will include our corporate offices. 

The INCC Corp. entrusted Nith Valley Construction to manage construction of these two buildings during 2016 and 2017. Totaling over 50,000 square feet between the two buildings, the Central Village creates a unique experience for shoppers and visitors to The Boardwalk. 

We are pleased to acknowledge Nith Valley's talented team win bringing the Central Village to life. Led by Bob Zehr, the Nith Valley team brought integrity and transparency to the project, where their creativity and flexibility were critical to the success of the Central Village. We are appreciative and salute their contribution. 

Central Village The Boardwalk

Our office has the pleasure of working with Nith Valley Construction on several construction projects at The Boardwalk in Kitchener-Waterloo. 235 and 245 The Boardwalk had many challenging details including the unique glazing towers with external decorative steel lattices, building terraces, and the interplay of multiple cladding systems. With both retail and orifice uses in the buildings, particular attention had to be paid to the dual mechanical systems and separations between the uses. 

Nith Valley Construction was capable of meeting these challenges in a professional manner, an delivered quality buildings that form the central gateway to feature The Boardwalk Development. 

235/ 245 The Boardwalk

In April 2014, I purchased The Imperial Hotel (known at the time as Eddly's) in New Hamburg.  My plan was to restore the exterior of the building to create apartments for seniors on the top two floors and retail on the main floor.  There was no need to look for another company, as I knew that Nith Valley was my best choice.  Its reputation was well known in Wilmot Township.  I made the right decision.

Nith Valley Construction has a stellar reputation in and around Waterloo County for its excellent workmanship and fair prices. Few companies would know where to begin on a project of this magnitude. Not only were we changing the interior of the original building, but we were also putting on an addition of equal size to match the 1872 building. It was a complicated process that required perceptive understanding of marrying two different builds. This company has a lot of experience behind it.

Much should be said about Nith Valley Constructions workers: hard working, dedicated, co-operative, polite and respectful are just a few of the adjectives that describe them. They made me feel like they were on my team. Whenever they found an artifact, they were quick to identify it and bring it to me. They appreciated the history of the building and were eager to help with the restoration. They are experienced men/women who value the art of restoration. We were able to save many of the original details in the building thanks to their craftsmanship.

I look forward to future restoration projects with Nith Valley Construction. It is a well-organized and manage company from the people in the office to the workers on site. Would I recommend Nith Valley Construction - most definitely. 

The Imperial in New Hamburg

It's Thanksgiving weekend, an important time to take a moment or two to acknowledge the things in our lives for which we are grateful.  At the top of my list this year is Nith Valley Construction.  Thank you for the wonderful new addition you constructed for Grebel; it is service us extremely well and not a day goes by that we don't receive a fresh compliment on our beautiful facilities.

We all knew this building project was going to be "interesting," but I don't think anybody anticipated it becoming as challenging as it did. Additions which involve extensive renovations to older facilities always bring surprises. In our case it seemed that anything that could go wrong went wrong. From soil contamination far worse than the soil samples indicated, to trades going bankrupt mid-way through the project to defective materials- we saw it all. Yet your project team persevered and amazingly completed the project in a timely manner and on budget!

So thank you...
... to you for working hard with the consultants to resolve the big and tricky issues
... to Project Manager Steve Hohl for relentlessly staying on top of the details
... to Construction Supervisor Ron Junker for always insisting on top quality workmanship from every trade
... to the NVC office staff for timely and accurate invoicing and reporting
... to the NVC on-site crew who .worked so diligently and never complained about the Grebel staff and students who I am sure were underfoot far more than they should have been.

This was an exciting project and it is revolutionizing the way we offer our courses and services to the university and the community. We are extremely grateful to Nith Valley Construction for your fine work and welcome the thought of working with you again on our next facility enhancement project.

Conrad Grebel Univeristy/College

It has now been six months since Nith Valley Construction Ltd. (NVC) completed construction of The Foundry at 7 Memorial Ave. Elmira. This apartment building is now home to 40 people whose life situation have been dramatically improved by having quality built affordable housing that they can o call home. Thank you!

For a non-profit housing provider like MennoHomes, that combination of quality and affordable are key. We rely heavily on donated funds to ensure our project are financially sustainable once they are completed. Keeping construction costs low is imperative and yet we also know that we can't sacrifice overall quality since ongoing operation s and maintenance costs need to be considered. To have this project come in so substantially under budget was critical since this was also the largest fundraising project campaign ever undertaken by MennoHomes. Although our capital campaign fell short of its goal, this was offset by the savings  you were able to achieve on our behalf. A penny saved is a penny earned!

We recognize that this didn't happen by accident. The construction management tender process revealed that the original proposed budget was consistent with other we received. That provided us with confidence that we had a realistic cost estimate. And yet right fro, the beginning, we could sense that the team at NVC had a real sense of ownership. From the sub-trade tender process, through construction, to addressing any minor deficiencies (and they were minor) we felt that NVC was working hard on our behalf. Issues that came up were dealt with in a manner that was consistent with the values we have as an organization. It felt like a true partnership as opposed to simply a contractual relationship. 

The end result is a building that we are proud to call a MennoHomes project. We are confident that it is well built and will stand the test of time. On behalf of MennoHomes, please extend out sincere thanks to everyone at NVC who helped to make this possible. Thank you for joining with us to respond to the need for affordable living. 

MennoHomes Affordable Living

"This former arena, originally built in 1966, has been transformed into a stunning show piece for the Kingsdale Community. The challenges of an adaptive project coupled with the added complexities of targeting LEED Gold certifications, were met head-on by your team. Spending the taxpayers money wisely, is always a priority in a publicly funded project. Nith Valley Construction understood this commitment and adherence to this objective was evident through the life of the project. Finally, Nith Valley Construciotn's proactive approach and perseverance through challenging issues contributed greatly to the success of the project. "

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with your team on this effort. We look forward to the possiblity of working with you in the future."

City of Kitchener - Kingsdale Community Centre

"The timeline for completion of this project has been very strict as we are currently housed in another section of the building awaiting completion of our area. We have just moved into the first phase of this multi phase project and we feel there should be no problem meeting the completion date of July 2011, based on the performance thus far. Our budget has also been kept in mind and met as closely as possible. these 2 aspects are contributing greatly to a successful completion. "

"To date communications between the owner, architect, the site and office personel of Nith Valley Construciton has been excellent. The correspondence between all parties has come in a timely fashion ensuring that everyone was aware of what had transpired and any issues that have arisen were addressed promptly as a result. Without such communication, the execution of the renovations would have have been this successful."

"Nith Valley Construction has been an integral part of our team and is proving in countless ways that they are working in our best interest. I have no hesitancy in recommending this firm."


"I wanted to say it was a very great pleasure to have you as the general contractor for this project. Nith Valley once again was outstanding as a general contractor. your firm, as always, goes above and beyond. I admire your professionalism in stepping up and completing the project in spite of the many obstacles. The project was run very effectively, executed with skill and guided with good management. Added work was priced more then fairly and it took a minimum of effort on our part and the school boards to carry out the contract administration. we are pleased to have been associated with you on this project and we look forward to working with you in the future."

KCI Greenhouse Addition and Renovations

"The time lines associated with this construction project were extremely tight ant although the winter weather contributed immensely to getting the project to occupancy in July it was indeed a pleasure to work with a construction company that displayed excellent control over the project. Your firm was able to execute this project in a timely manner, maintain a tight schedule, maintain cooperation and coordination between the sub trades, consultants and County of Brant and deliver an excellent end product. Which the citizens of the County of Brant can be proud of. The County of Brant and myself as Project Manager would be pleased to work with Nith Valley Construction again in the future should the opportunity arise."

Paris Pool

"Your efforts to work within a sensitive manufacturing setting including the ability to ensure the uninterrupted function of both our operations and site were vital. Though this project often proved to be challenging and sometimes difficult, your professional attitudes and attention to detail were very much appreciated. In addition to this, your contract administration and management capabilities ensured that necessary construction documentation was issued and processed in a timely manner."

Christie Digital

"Our Board of Directors and myself were so pleased with the how they handled the communication between us before, during and after the construction. "

"The site was always clean and when it was safe to be on the site I felt safe walking through when it was required.  The lead Foreman and Ron Roeder were fantastic and always open to my calls and gave me great input when I had to make decisions regarding the building."      

"In 2009 we had to do a window renovation on our lower floor and we did not hesitate to call Nith Valley.  I instructed our Board of Directors they would be the only ones I would want to do the construction.  We did not seek other quotes as I knew Nith Valley would do the best job for us and would be reasonable, giving us excellent quality at a fair price." 

"With the building complete and our renovation complete we at Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare Association are so pleased with Nith Valley Construction.  If we had another million dollars we would hire them with out bids to build us another centre." 

"We strongly recommend Nith Valley Construction to anyone, and welcome you to come see our building.  We love it and they have done a fine job." 

Waterloo Infant Day Care

"I have been very pleased with the quality of work, the spirit of cooperation, and the outstanding working relationship that Nith Valley has built with hospital staff."ÔĽŅ

Grand River Hospital

"At all times, representatives of the firm have shown a high level or professionalism, attention to detail, excellent follow up on issues, and consideration for the budget."

Perth Meadows

We decided to do our building project by the Construction Management method adn chose Nith Valley Construction to be our Construction Management Team. We were favorably impressed with their past services on Phase 1 and 2 and proceeded to work once aggain with them on Phase 3. Steve Hohl, the project manager made it a point to ensure the costs and our budgets were kept in proportion. 

The Management Team consisted of Steve Hohl, Project Manager and Brian Winger, Site Superintendent. Together, they did an excellent job in overseeing and integrating the work of the various trades' people as the building progressed. 

The construction of this 4 storey, 65,000 square foot building has been a major undertaking for all of our organizations. Sensitivity had to be taken as to the populous of this building, as there are many things to consider when dealing with the aged population. We want to thank Nith Valley Construction for their expert advice and professional approach in resolving the many complex issues that arose during the design and construction process. 

Our objective was to design and build a development of high standards to ensure the highest standard of living for our seniors. Each phase was significant and complex and each undertaking was handled with extreme care and management. There were time constraints and deadlines to be met as well as hurdles to get over, but in the end, Nith Valley came through and ensured that the building was ready for occupancy and to our satisfaction. We want to acknowledge the excellent working relationship we have developed and maintained over the ma years and throughout the completion of this complex project.

Moutainview Residence - Phase 3

"Nith Valley Construction built Phase 1 (43 suites) of our residence... This company performed superbly at each step of the project.  Consequently they constructed Phase 2 (39 suites) of our residence....They were always professional and diligent throughout the course of construction. If any problem arose during construction, they acted swiftly to correct the situation with the owner's best interest in mind. I would recoment Nith Valley Construction for other projects without hesitation."

Mountainview Residence Phase 1 and 2


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