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Construction Management is a team approach to the construction process.  The concept joins the Owner, consultants and contractor in a team concerned with common objectives to provide the Owner with the desired project within the shortest possible time, consistent to budget limitations.

The construction manager’s role during the design stage is to advise the architect on alternate methods of construction and materials that would satisfy the Owner’s needs and offer an approach that is more economical to construction.  From their up-to-date knowledge of building costs, they are in a position to provide accurate budget figures in the various stages of design and thus exercise overall budget control.  Additionally they can provide information and guidance on government approvals, safety requirements, bonding, insurance, and realistic time schedules for the construction phase.  Additionally, because of a contractor’s knowledge of the industry, they is in a position to recommend the trade contractor’s best qualified for a particular project.

During the construction phase, the construction manager’s role differs very little from the normal role of a general contractor.  They provide on-site organization and supervision over all phases of the project, up-dates schedules, checks shop drawings and change orders, provides cost statements and progress billings


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